Youth, Activism and Power: Understanding the Social Movement of Our Time


Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 4:00pm to 6:00pm


Harvard Kennedy School, Rubinstein 306

A panel discussion featuring youth organizers from around the country:

  • Erika Andiola
  • Ju Hong
  • Aly Wane
  • Moderated by Roberto G. Gonzales

Since the mid-2000s undocumented immigrant youth and young adults have forged a formidable social movement. Educated and trained in the United States, these young people have engaged in civic and political action aimed at pushing for legislative change, educating the public and supporting each other. In the process, they have garnered the support of business leaders, university presidents, and celebrities. But their actions have also been criticized by their allies and supporters. While, undocumented activists have not always agreed on strategic or tactical decisions they have become a potent political force, nevertheless. This panel takes a look at the genesis of this movement, its achievements, and its hopes and plans for the future.

All DACA Seminar events are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. No registration is required.

march 20