Walter Coleman

Reverend Walter Coleman

Director, Familia Latina Unida Ministries
Rev Walter Coleman
Rev Walter Coleman spent fifty years in the struggle in Chicago – from the anti-war and civil rights movement of the 1960’s to the Rainbow coalition organized by the Black Panther Party to the historic election of Mayor Harold Washington. He served as Pastor of Adalberto United Methodist Church during Elvira Arellano’s time in sanctuary and worked as an aide to Congressman Luis Gutierrez for ten years. He is married to the current pastor of the church, Rev Emma Lozano, who continues to lead the ministry for the undocumented. Rev Coleman serves as the director of Familia Latina Unida Ministries he holds a Master of Divinity from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. He is the author of Elvira’s Faith – The Struggle for the Rights of Undocumented Families” and “Fair Share, The Rights of the People, an account of the movement that led to the election of Mayor Harold Washington in Chicago.